Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When Bloggers meet

There is something magical when bloggers meet. When you read someones blog you get to know the person a bit. You certainly get to know what style of knitting they like even what colours they prefer. You can also get a sense of what they are like. Same with email friends. I met a lot of people this weekend who read the blog. I met one person who I have got to know by email - Audrey. It is great to finally meet her.

I met Peg whose blog I follow, I told her she is just like her blog. She is just like I imagined she would be. Brenda whose blog I have followed for a long time and I have known for a while as she is a great customer also got to meet Peg for the first time at the retreat. I think bloggers have a special bond. This picture is Brenda and Peg with their Teddys.
The next pictures are of Mary and her Teddy. She made an original Teddy Bear sweater. Isn't he handsome. I was quite impressed how quick she whipped up that sweater and then dictated the pattern to me from memory.
I have got a lot of feedback about the retreat and most of it was positive so I talked with Camp Homewood today and they have given us next years date. The 2nd Spring Knitting Retreat will be March 28-30th 2008. I hope to see many of you again and lots of new knitter too.


Jennifer said...

Shelley, I just found your blog. I have been reading Brenda's for some time. I live in West Virginia and am green with envy about your fun knitters week-end. I was wondering if you or Mary would please share the teddy bear sweater pattern. It is SO cute. I have lived the week-end vicariously.

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Sign me up, Shelley!
It is a wonderful time of year for a retreat, and this one will be tough to follow!!
If I come up with any things I would love to learn, I will let you know - not that you need to design something especially for me, but you may be searching for ideas!
Charlotte and I have been emailing each other and exchanging pictures. What a delightful little girl, but as her Mom says, "Charlotte has an 'old' soul in a young body." I was so pleased that there was a nice mix of knitters, but that cannot be planned, it just happens.
Let me know if I can help!