Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun Spun Socks

The first day I was in Madrona I met Ruth from Dizzy Ewe - Stephanie aka Yarn Harlot took me around the merchant mall and pointed out a few highlights of the shopping pleasures. She had been to Madrona before and I was just standing in the middle of the Merchant mall not knowing where to begin when she spied me.
I think she sensed the Yarn seller from very small town BC was star struck. She introduced me to Ruth of Dizzy Ewe and pointed out her kits with combination fibres she told me that she had spun yarn to make socks. I loved the idea. Here are Stephanies blog post (scroll down to Feb 24th) about the fibre. I just spent 15 minutes looking for her post to link to and when I found it she did the same colour as me. I was hoping for something to show a different colour hmmm!!!
Anyways back to the Fun Spun socks.
These were really fun to do. The fibre is just amazing and they are a great project for a spinner who gets bored easily like me.
The pictures show you how to do this.
First I divided the fibre in 1/2 - enugh for 2 socks
Then I divided each 1/2 into 3rds as I also found out at Madrona that a tightly spun 3 ply will hold up well for socks
I then spun each small section of fibre in colour order onto 3 bobbins and then plied them
That was interesting. I am a quite new spinner so I thought 2 ply - 3ply what's the difference. Judith MacKenzie McCuin was showing us 2- 3 -4 and 5 ply at Madrona without missing a beat. Must be easy. Anyways it is a little more difficult than 2 ply but do-able by a new spinner as you can see and worth the effort.
I knit my sock from a Toe Up pattern here and got a nice sock. My sock is 48 stitches for foot and leg.
I am still spinning the yarn for the second sock.
I have the kits on sale at here. So if you are a spinner/knitter these are fun to make.

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Deb said...

Hmmmm- That ALMOST convinces me to start spinning (but I swear the hub would dump me outside if I brought any more "fiber related activities" into the house!!!!!! Lovely sock!