Sunday, July 13, 2008

Picnic fun and new weaving loom

The picnic was quite fun. We didn't get too many people out but everyone who came had a great time. They sat at the beach knitting and the kids swam, we ate tons of food, I was spinning and the kids really enjoyed watching that. Astor brought her collection of fun hats and some pattern for people to look at, By the way the hats and pattern will be on display in the store all week.
The youngest knitter to come was 6 years old. She was so cute.
The next news I have - I got a new weaving loom. It is big - I mean really big. It is a Woolhouse Gertrude and it is 5' wide. It takes up a good portion of our bedroom. It took 4 of us 4 hours to set it up last night. It is a really beautiful loom and I will love working on it. It feels so good and sturdy. I plan to make blankets - lots of blankets. Aside from having the yarn shop. I have a huge amount of stash yarn that I have collected over the years. I am going to weave blankets until my stash is gone. I have made a deal with myself that I will only weave from stash until it's all gone.
I am taking a course this summer with Jane Stafford on Perfectly Plain weave so with my little Louet table loom amd my new Woolhouse I should be all set to weave for years.


Shan said...

The picnic was so fun! I stupidly left my camera at home or I would have taken some pictures of you serenely plying your yarn with the cove in the background and your husband playing soothing guitar. It was wonderful - thanks Shelley.

Uli said...

WOW......... is all I can say about that gorgeous loom!!!