Friday, January 09, 2009

Spring cleaning in January

Fun Knits was wonderful today, as was yesterday and Tuesday.  I've been busily and contentedly cleaning shelves, organizing drawers and reorganizing yarn, furniture and fleece.  There's more room now for our spinner's gathering on Tuesdays - I'm looking forward to seeing a visible space between our spinning wheels.  

For all of you felt/fleece/spinning artists out there, we have three new colours of Northern Lights roving in - "mulled wine" and "forest glade" and "meadow trail" -  each bag is full of exquisite shades of absolute loveliness!  (Note - I am new to blogging and don't have a clue how to link you to the photos of our stock but I promise I'll ask Shelley or Kate to teach me soon so that you can see what I'm referring to.) 

Several people have asked for smaller amounts of fleece in a variety of colours - we now offer just that, a small bag containing various colours of wool or a wool/silk blend.

I'm grateful to Shelley for inviting me to add my thoughts to the blog -- I think we have a great team of skilled, inspired women working together to keep a great yarn shop moving forward.  Kudos to Shelley for her dream and the gutsy leap of faith it took to open this knitting sanctuary. 

Wishing all of you an imaginative new year with a ton of finished projects,

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Fun Knits said...

Deb great post and the store looks amazing. I will try not to mess it up - I promise....