Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate.....

....and Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Kate is all loveliness today dressed in many shades of green, celebrating her birthday, buying yarn, and eating pizza with Shelley and I (Shelley's treat from Lovin' Oven - truly yum).  Kate is wearing her beautiful green handknit shrug and scarf.  

Wonderful to see you today Kate! 

Below is another of Quadra Island's remarkable women (knitter, spinner, weaver) who seems to knit up a handspun sweater every month. Pictured is a beautiful lacey teal pullover.

This bright, beautiful woman is modeling her Noro Silk Garden hat Palindrome and glovelets  Fetchings
I think her tattoos are stunning -- an awesome match for Noro! 
And lastly, a joyous St. Pat's Day pirouette!


kate said...

Thanks, Deb. It was a lovely visit! That last picture - what a pirouette!!

Fun Knits said...

Story about the pirouette. I beleive it needs a story. Z the guy that works with my son put the green tutu on him to come to the store today because it was the only green thing he could find (Note to self: - must buy my son some green clothes)Cam agreed to wearing the Tutu to the store if Z wore it home. I think he liked wearing it what do you think!!!! Z also had to go to the bank and the hardware store on the way home. They had fun. We had a fun day with Kate too.

Shan said...

That tutu is AWESOME and someone ought to wear that every single blessed day, just to cheer people up and stop them in their tracks.