Monday, May 11, 2009

Sock Yarn Left Overs

A friend asked me to put together some baby items for someone the other week. No time to make a blanket (my usual choice) so I did some bibs and a hat and socks. Then as I still had time, and some left over Opal 6ply, I made a baby cardigan.

This was put together from a couple of patterns, and then played with until I made it work. I had enough yarn left over to make this even after making a pair of women's size 10 socks! I love the big Opal 6ply skeins (this is the Flamingo colourway).

Shelley also has a cute design for some baby socks and a baby hat using left over sock yarn, check it out here (link is to a pdf file) or over on the side in the free patterns link.

Using up sock yarn left overs is just as fun as making the socks, I find. What do you like to do with yours?

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