Sunday, June 14, 2009

Knit in Public Day

What a wonderful day Saturday was! The weather was perfect and Shelley managed to snag one of the best picnic sites on Rebecca Spit. About 12 knitters along with various family members (and dogs) came and went during the afternoon; enjoying great company, refreshments, watermelon, gorgeous scenery and beautiful music (thanks to Shelley's husband Bill).



And when you have this as your knitting location - it's hard not to enjoy yourself!

It was wonderful to have knitters of all ages, working on everything from baby sweaters to scarves to hats and shawls. Truly a great event, and hopefully the beginning of an annual tradition!

(I'm hoping Shelley will also post about the event, as she had more photos than I did.)


Shan said...

Oh yay! I was so sorry to miss it.

Fun Knits said...

My camera is at the store so I will post my pictures tomorrow. It was a fun picnic thanks to everyone who came.