Saturday, April 09, 2005

The absent Blogger is back

I have had such a busy week I haven't had any time to blog or think. Last Friday we picked up my daughter in Naniamo and she came home for a visit. She is my great little daughter who is going to make us Grandparents in June. So we have been really busy shopping and having fun with her. I will post some pictures tomorrow.
This week we have had 2 dinner parties, a birthday party for my 17 year old son and a Baby Shower for my daughter. Busy, busy, busy.
Tomorrow I should hve time to post some pictures of my knitting this week and about the store.
Had a great day today at the store. Quite busy and as always fun.


Uli said...

Good to hear from you.... I was missing your updates. Great to hear you had such a fun time with your daughter. Talk to you soon.

Brenda said...

I was missing your updates too, and was actually starting to worry a bit.
Glad to hear you had such a nice visit with your daughter.