Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Great New yarns

I got in some great new yarns and they are driving me crazy. I have so many projects
on the go now but I want to knit with the new yarns. So instead I am venting in this blog. I am at the store and it is quiet now so all of the yarns are haunting me. Here is what I got in today so you will see why I am being tortured.
Country Silk I got it in Earth, Opal, Hydranga, Loden, Marine and Wine. It is amazing yarn. I got 2 shawl patterns too. Easy Mesh Triangle and the Lotus Blossom Shawl. The Lotus blossom shawl out of the Marine Country Silk is what I really want to knit.
Hemp Yarn in all the colours. It is really nice. Much nicer than I thought
Ecoknits Cotton in all the colours but olive is back ordered. It is so nice. I will definately make a top for myself out of it.
I got in the Sari Silk to try but I don't like it as much as Mango Moon. So I won't carry it.
I also got in some more Sirdar Yoyo.
Anyways I feel better for venting. I am going to knit a hat with the Hemp yarn as I need to show the customers what it is like knit up. Great excuse right.
Will post a picture when done.

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