Saturday, March 05, 2005

Marnie the Star of the day

Marnie came into the store today to show me her newly finished Mango Moon Klaralund sweater. She did a wonderful job on the sweater and in record time. WOW!! it is gorgeous. I had to run home and get the camera. See for yourself.
.Marnie in Mango Moon Klaralund
In the background is Ming our store doll she is dress in her new Sirdar YoYo sweater and her Mango Moon hat. I just couldn't crop her out of the picture she is too cute.
As always it was a great day in the store. My sister Judy was over today and learning how to run the store. She is going to take over next Saturday. She did a great job and anyone who comes in the store next week can meet her. Judy loves knitting scarves and she enjoyed all the possibilities of combining the yarns all day. She showed great restraint and only went home with 3 balls of yarn.
My Mom and I are going to Machine Knitters camp next weekend. I am lucky I don't have to leave home for camp it is right on Quadra Island at Camp Homewood. I went last year too and learned so much. This year I hope to learn lots too.
We have new yarn coming in next week. Opal Rodeo will be here early in the week. Watch for it on my EBay auction On my Knit along top I got about 3" knit. I will show a picture tomorrow. It is really nice.

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