Monday, August 15, 2005

Going on a mini holiday

I am going on a holiday for a few days. My husband and I have a few days off so we are going to Victoria. I plan to go look at the big yarns shops down there and get some ideas for the store. I also plan to not plan and just go with whatever happens. I really need a break and this will be a perfect mini holiday. I will bring some knitting as we will have lots of time in the car. Mom is going to run the store on Wed. and I will be back on Friday to take care of the eBay auction and be here for the market and store on Sat.
The next week we are going to a Family camp in Burnaby for a week. We take the kids every year and it is great. It is a camp for families with deafblind children. That makes it sound bleak but it is really great fun. It is neat to be with families that have the same challenges and share stories and fun.
So I probably won't blog too much in the next few weeks.

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Brenda said...

HI Shelley. Have a great time in Victoria, and fun at camp too. Happy car knitting (something I wish I could do but I get motion sickness).