Sunday, August 07, 2005

A good reason for not blogging

I have a good reason for not blogging all week. Look who came to visit.
Megan and Meika. My 2 pretty girls.

Megan and Meika.
Meika is now 7 weeks old and she is so much fun. She is starting to smile and get playful so I have got nothing done this week except play with Meika.
Here is a picture of her smiling. She is so cute. She is a really good baby and sleeps about 5 - 6 hours at night now. She is mostly happy but when she fusses wow can she scream.
Happy Meika.
Now down to business. I have got no real knitting done this week. The little Opal Batik and 6 ply sweater just needs a front and then it is done. I got a few scarves done as store samples (good excuse to play with new yarn).

The store has been really busy, Wednesday was great fun. A lot of local knitters were in and I got some pictures of what a few of them are knitting.
Ginny is new to sock knitting and this is her first sock finished and the second well on it way to done. Good going Ginny
Ginny's first sock.
Carol is working on a hood sweater for her grandchild. She is working on the front. The basket in the picture was hand made by her friend. Carol uses it as her knitting basket. It is really nice.
Carol's sweater front.
As we sat at the table knitting Marnie was working on a scarf with Baby Monkey and Austerman Spot. She finished her scarf as we sat and chat so I took a picture of her and the scarf with the ends not sewn in yet.
Marnie's scarf.
Yesterday at the store was pretty slow. The weather is great and I think everyone was at the beach swimming. The market was very busy for the morning but slowed down in the afternoon.
We are going to the beach later, my neice Jessie is still here so we will take her for a swim.

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