Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Web Site is Down

For now my web site is not working. I have changed over to shared hosting and we are building an online store. My nephew Andrew in Arizona is helping me, the beauty of the internet. I am not sure how long the site will be out of service but I am sure it will be worth the wait. Sorry for anyone needing the free pattern. If you email me I can send it to you.
My yarn sale went good yesterday. It would have been better but we had glorious summer weather here. Who wants to think about knitting fussy scarves in the hot sun. I am knitting a large shawl to be auctioned at the Legion fund raiser on the 24th of Sept. It is nice. I am knitting it end to end , 200 stitches on 10 mm needles. Using Gjestal Naturgarn in teal and white I am alternating the teal and the white and a row of novelty yarn in between each wool row. I am using Online Smash Printin colour 114, Xanadu Matallicin colour 8, Jewels in colour 4 and Starlight in colour 4.
I tried to post a picture but that isn't working either. I kind of wish I hadn't changed over from a system that I know for something I have to learn. I am no computer genius that is for sure. But if we can actually get an online store functioning this delay will be worth it.
I was talking to a help line person yesterday and she said she couldn't learn to knit, she had tried several times but she sure was able talked me through my computer problems. I told her that if she looked at knitting as mathematical instead of a craft she could get it. I hope that works.

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