Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An amazing sweater and socks

This year Cherry Tree hill came out with a contest to design a grament using Sock yarn and win $1000. I wanted to design something. I had a head full of ideas and tried lots of designs but I never really managed anything amazing.
When I met Mary Tanti at the Knitting retreat in March she whipped up a little multi directional Teddy bear sweater and then recited the pattern to me from memory. I knew then that she could do this yarn justice and probably win this contest. I got her all the yarn and away she went. We sent the finished sweater to Cherry Tree Hill last week and today I got a call from Cheryl Potter. She loves the sweater and feels it is a winner. The contest is still open for a few more weeks but I am hopeful that Mary will win.
If the sweater wins she will take it to the TNNA and it will be in the fashion show. WOW. I asked Cheryl if I could blog about this. She said sure so I want as many people who read this to leave a comment on what you think about Mary's sweater. Maybe it will help her win. maybe Cheryl will read the comments.
We are rooting for you Mary !!!!!

The socks are something she whipped up with the left overs.
Good Luck Mary


Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Mary, beautiful, just beautiful! I remember the bear sweater. Maybe another retreat and she can teach us the how-to of it all!
Thanks for showing us the sweater, Shelley.

tammy said...

It's gorgeous!

Deb said...

Wonderful sweater and socks!!!!!!! Go Mary GO!

Skipper said...

That sweater is DEFINITELY a winner ... good luck Mary!