Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back from Fibrefest

Well that was a lot of fun. I will definitely go back next year. Here are details of our weekend at Fiberfest International in Abbotsford, BC. We loaded the van with yarn and left room for Megan and Meika and off we went. Meika got bored and wanted to knit because Megan and I were knitting. I gave her a sock I was working on to play with off course she ripped it off the needles very quickly. She then worked very hard to get the stitches back on the needles. She got bored with that pretty quick and then she said " Look Grandma - I can knit with my toes" It was quite cute. This knitting amused her for about 1 hour of the trip. She will learn to knit someday, it is in her genes.

We got Meika to work once we got there setting up the booth. She put out all the knit dolls, she hugged and kissed everyone as she put them out. We finished setting up the next morning just in time for the show to open.

There were lots of wonderful animals at the Fibrefest. Meika enjoyed the animals a lot.

This is Reimer - He is also known as the Viking Santa - He makes Drop Spindles, Nostepinde and Lace bobbins. This is a picture of Reimer spinning lace cashmere. This is the most unlikely thing you could imagine this guy doing. He was great fun to meet and it was wonderful to watch this big biker looking guy spin such delicate lace.

Look at this cute alpaca. He had a permanent grin on his face.
And there were shoppers and spinners and wonderful people.
I had a great time. I got to see 2 old friends from a very long time ago. It was wonderful to catch up on everything. I got to see lots of people who were at the knitting retreat and lots of internet customers that I only know by email or ebay names. To all of you a special Hi from Quadra. I met a lot of people who read the blog so I will make a better effort to get something interesting on here more often for you to read.
Then on the way home today we had a a nice Family reunion for Mother's Day. This is my wonderful family. We all met at a park and had a picnic. What a nice Mother's Day present that was for me.

I was a great time but now we have to unload the van - Uck!!. The next show is the Knit out in Victoria.

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