Sunday, September 16, 2007

I got on Ravelry

Wow is Ravelry ever neat. It is so vast/ endless. I got my invitation this morning and spent the entire morning briefly looking around it.
My name on ravelry is funknits so I will be easy to find.
I am listed as a designer on it so that is cool. It has links to some of my patterns and a list of who is making the patterns and pictures of lots of finished items people have knit. The Pinwheel sweater is the most popular knit pattern of mine.
Now that I am on Ravelry I will be posting a lot more patterns that are available. I wish I had more time
I got my first sleeve of the Kauni done last night and picked up stitches for the second sleeve. I tried it on I hope it blocks out a little bigger because it is snug. I am on a diet now for sure.

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Shan said...

Oh, it's SURE to block bigger. You know how wool tends to grow...I gained about 5" on my last pullover, just by blocking (although it wasn't stranded).