Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kauni stuck in customs still

I spent all day on the phone yesterday and even talked to one person who was a knitter, she was very sympathetic but couldn't help me. It seems the parcel of Kauni yarn isn't valuable enough for them to check what is going on at customs. They said if there was a problem a Custom's Officer would have phoned me. What they don't understand is the value of this yarn to all who are waiting for it. I tried to get that point across but no results.
Since this yarn is sitting in some warehouse near Toronto I have asked the Yarn Harlot to rally the knitters of the area and go and picket the customs office until they releases the yarn.
Won't they be surprised if she does it, won't I, but then maybe they would see it isn't just a box of yarn coming from Denmark to some unpronounceable name in BC. ....IT IS IMPORTANT...


Tamara said...

Let my kauni go! Like Moses, LOL.

They have no idea what they're messing with. Heaven help them if Stephanie accepts the mission.

Shan said...

"Let my kauni go" - hilarious.

Dandy said...

well if she does decide to picket, I'll be there in spirit with her!!!

I want to start my sweater... darn those customs ppl!!