Thursday, April 17, 2008

Philosopher's Wool coming Oct 3-5

Ann and Eugene Bourgeois of Philosopher's Wool are great people that I have admired for some time. I have read their book and really enjoyed it and I love their sweaters. I even try the 2 handed Fair Isle now and then. Well then I had the opprotunity to meet Ann and Eugene at Madrona in Feb. I sat and talked at length with Eugene about knitting and business and lamb's and Quadra Island etc..... The entire time we chatted Eugene knit and it was like we were old friends. Ann was busy talking to my friend and selling yarn kits. I asked Eugene if they would ever consider coming to a Knitting retreat and teaching. He promptly told me they are retired and don't do retreats anymore. We talked some more and then he said is the retreat on your Island. Then we started to make plans. Ann loves to travel and teach but they have slowed down the schedule lately. She was very surprised when Eugene asked her if she wanted to go to Quadra Island and teach at a Knitting retreat. She loved the idea so after a few phone calls and some planning - Ann and Eugene are coming to teach at our Fall Retreat.

I am really looking forward to this. Go read about it and then sign up because this will fill quickly. The price for the entire weekend and workshops is $325 if you sign up before July 25th and $350 after. I also have about 20 spots for those who want to just hang out with us for the weekend and not learn 2 handed Fair Isle. Phone me for details 250-285-2751 -
This is our group banner on Ravelry come and join if you are a member.

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