Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a gift

Last year at the Spinning and Weaving retreat on Quadra Island I was a vendor and so was Jane Stafford. You may remember this blog entry , during the down time at the retreat for the vendors we sat around and I taught Jane to knit socks. Well she became a great sock knitter. She loves knitting them and yesterday she gave me a pair of socks to thank me for teaching her. Wow - I was impressed. They are creative fun socks a they match my Kauni sweater, I love them Thanks Jane - I will wear them to every show since I wear my Kauni to every show.
Speaking of Kauni I just got my shipment in with lots of EQ and 3 new colours EV, EL and EU. I LOVE the EL and am going to knit something with that for sure. I will have these posted on the website for sale on Tuesday.
Here are some pictures of my booth out at the Retreat this weekend.

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What a nice present!