Saturday, January 22, 2005

Had a great day at the store

We had a great day today. I met a lot of new people. Many spinners and weavers as well as knitters. Mom came over and we both learned how to use the program to checkout customers. It was nice to actually be able to use the program that I spent so much time preparing for. It was a rainy horrible day here so I admire all the people who braved the weather to come to the store. I keep forgeting to take my camera to the store but I will remember next weekend when we have our first sale.
I got some knitting done today on the shawl I am making with the hand dyed yarn. It is looking really nice.

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Uli said...

It's nice to see an update from you. Way to go for your second weekend at the new store. It was raining here a lot as well and on top of that, Erika was sick. Talk to you soon.