Saturday, January 08, 2005

It's starting to come together

Finally I am feeling like I will get everything done before the opening next weekend. I got a lot more done today. I am still not done the sock yarn but a lot closer.. I took a picture of all the sock yarn that is in the shelves so far.
sock yarn
Here is a picture of the patterns and needles so far.
patterns and needles
I put a sign up in the window today announcing that the store will be open next weekend. I had one excited visitor today who wanted a preview look at the store.It was fun.

I have decided that on our opening day 10% of all the sale will get donated to the Red Cross for the Tsunami funds. I was sitting in the store doing inventory and looking out at the view and I thought if we had a Tsunami that big happen here it would wipe out my house and store.
I am tired tonight and am going to take tomorrow off and sit and knit. Shouldn't work on the Sabbath anyways.


Brenda said...

Wow, you've been busy, the store looks great! I'm going to try to get over opening day. Have a nice relaxing knitting day tomorrow.


Uli said...

Wow........ I'm awed by the sock yarn. I can't wait until summer. We must come. :-) Plus, I'd like to see you again anyways. It was so fun to meet you. I think you carry my favourite double pointed needles, too. Just from what I can see from the packaging. Now, I'm going to try and get to my needles a bit.