Friday, October 21, 2005

And the Winner is -

When Rainforest Collection first came out I wonder which yarn would be most popular and I thought it would be parrot but it turns out it was Zebra, Tiger is the next most popular. I have 1 skein left and then it is gone. The other colors are selling fast too. There is a second printing of the Rainforest in production right now but won't be here for a few months. I actually didn't like the Zebra sock yarn so it just shows I don't have popular taste. Since I have made a pair of each color so far my favorite is the Flamingo it really has a feathery look to it. My second favorite is the Parrot. I guess I am a bird lover when it comes to the sock yarn. I made several pair of Owl socks and they are very nice too. I just don't like brown for me. I made a pair for my Dad and he loves them.
I have been knitting like crazy but nothing finished to report. The schools in BC are still on strike so I am home everyday with my special needs son. It is going OK but I am really busy. He is learning to walk with a walker so we have had a lot of chance to practice this week. Yestreday he took 11 steps on his own in the walker. For anyone who doesn't follow the blog, he is 17 years old and we have been working on walking since he was about 10 so this is huge. I really beleive someday he will walk.
The store was fun on Wed. We put a big display of scarves in the window. I have been working on scarves as store samples for weeks now on Sat. I will get some pictures. Scarves are fun to knit.

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Uli said...

Wow. your blog looks differnt. Both Megan and Meika look just wonderful.

Hope all is well with you. We're busy.

Talk to you soon.