Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pictures of Meika

Well I wouldn't be a normal Grandma if I didn't show pictures of my Grandchild. So here are some pictures.

The first one is Megan and Meika. Two happy girls. Meika is 4 months old now and very fun. She is a really good baby and laughs and smiles all the time.
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This picture is Meika in her Noro Silk Garden sweater. It is still huge on her but the sleeves roll up ok. It should fit her a while. She has learned a new tongue game and it is so cute. She worked so hard to learn this. She learned while she was visiting and has it perfected now.
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Now on to the next item. The LLama yarn. These are the colours the llama merino wool blend are in. The blend is 80% llama and 20% merino wool.

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I am making a pair of socks with the LLama angora. They are so soft and warm. These will be my favorite socks when it gets cold. It is hard to get a good picture to show just how fuzzy these are. I love them. I was thinking about giving them to someone as a Christmas gift but I think I will give them to me.
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As for the rest of my knitting. I have parked the Bravo baby sweater for a few weeks while working on the Batik shawl. It is nearly done and will show a picture when it is done. Since I did it in fall colours I should get it done before winter. I need to get back at the Baby Bravo sweater as I want it for Meika for Christmas.

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