Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Opal 6 ply yarn - Finally

I have had the 6ply yarn for about a week now and I finally got it list on

my web site today. The yarn is really nice. The Rainforest is just the same as the Rainforest 4 ply except the Tropical Fish is much more pastel. It is very nice just pastel version of the 4 ply. I knit this baby hat and leg warmers for Meika with the Zebra. I think they are cute.

This is the Best of Opal 6 ply. The colours are really nice.
From left to right back
1713 - like the Opal Element 1078
1710 - like Brasil 5001
1714 - like Masterpiece 3703
middle left - right
1711 - is like Opal Magic 1037
1715 - like Tutti Frutti
1712 - like lollipop 1009
This is such great yarn. I want a pair of socks made with each colour. I really like the 6 ply fo socks. I just hope I get a chance to knit some for myself. I think I will knit 1715 first.

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Sue said...

Love the new store, it looks like it will be a great site for you to move into. Love the look of the blog too, very nice.