Friday, February 23, 2007

The Fashion Show

Here are some pictures from the first day of the North Island Sewing & Needle Arts Show. The first picture is our van full of sock yarn. We had only 2 hours to set up before the doors opened so we packed the yarn in the bins. It was really a nice way to set up and I think we will do this everytime we have a show.
The next 3 pictures are our set up. Pretty good for 2 hours I think.

This picture is Megan's Toe Kozies and some cute knit dolls that we sell.

Now on to the fashion show. Meika and Megan both wore their Pinwheel sweaters and then Megan wore the Squiggle Web Shawl. They both looked great. Meika stole the show off course. She came out looking very cute and walked down the runway holding hands with Megan, everyone clapped as they were going back and Meika went down the runway again ( not part of the plan) so everyone could get a better look. It was quite cute. It was a good day and we are exhausted. Tomorrow will be busy.


Shan said...

The pinwheels look great.

Too bad I couldn't make it to the show - all three of us (kids and me) are sick. But I hope everything goes great tomorrow!

sue said...

They look fantastic walking down the catwalk. Future model in Meika!