Sunday, February 11, 2007

Floral Spectrum Socks

This is the first sock of Fun Knits brand new sock yarn - Floral Spectrum Socks -
This is the nicest sock yarn I have ever knit with. It is just as nice as Lorna's Laces in my opinion. I would call this the Malibrigo of sock yarn. I knit all day yesterday and got the heel turned on my new sock. I am in need of new socks so these are for me. I am going to knit a pair in the Red Rose next. The Mulberry Bush colour wasn't my favourite when I first saw the yarn but I was curious how it would look knit up. Well now I love it. They look like Spring.
The new sock yarn is at the Web Store and ready to go. Judy is already dying a new batch of this yarn as we don't think this will last too long. I may just knit it all.
You may notice I am hand knitting the socks too. I have rules for sock knitting. I can't machine knit beautiful yarn. It is a waste of the pure knitting pleasure.
So back to pure knitting pleasure. I am going to cast on Red Rose next, then the Sweet Pea and of course the Calendula. By then we should have new colours too.


Brenda said...

Gorgeous yarns! I hope you're going to bring it to the the Needle Arts show in a a couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

Nice yarn! My mulberry and sweet pea arrived today -- so soft! They'll move ahead of a few others in my knit queue.

judi in Maine