Monday, February 11, 2008

Going to Madrona

Today the store is closing at 2:30 sorry if anyone is inconvienced by that - But what can I do I have to go the Madrona

I am leaving for a great week off. I am going to Madrona Fiberfest in Tacoma Washington. I am taking 3 classes. On Thursday and Friday I an taking Hand Coverings: The Art of Mittens and Gloves with Nancy Bush and Judith MacKenzie McCuin.
On Sat I am taking Wild Texture with Judith MacKenzie McCuin and on Sunday I am taking Exploring Color for Entrelac Knitting with Kathryn Alexander.
Can you imagine how much fun this is going to be. I am really excited. I am all packed and am leaving today on the 3pm ferry . We are spending the night in Naniamo and then Mary my friend who I am going with is meeting me and we will set off on the 10:15 ferry from Duke Point.
My Mom and Dad will be working at the store on Wed and Sat. and Deb will be here Thurs. and Fri.

The Web site will be chaging before your eyes for the next few weeks. I have a wondeful couple from Cortez working on it. Cortez Island is one island away from Quadra Island.
It is going to be an awesome web site soon.


Lavender said...

Hi Shelley,

I'm so jealous! Everyone is going to Madrona but me! Have lots of fun and see you at Fibrefest in March.

Uli said...

Hope you're having fun!!! The new site looks awesome.