Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Feast your eyes on this amazing knitting by Lucy Neatby, Kathryn Alexander and Ruth Sorensen. This is what I was surrounded by this last week at Madrona

It was just amazing. I am so inspired by the talented people I met and the level of dedication people have to the fibre industry in all aspects from the sheep to the finished garment. I am in awe.

I will tell you my highlights of the retreat and I am sure I will go into more detail as the year goes on. Information like I gained this week will be with me forever.

My favorite part of the retreat was meeting and taking classes with Judith MacKenzie McCuin. She has devoted her life to preserving fibre breed animals and spinning. She is a wealth of information and I beleive I could be in a year long workhop with her and realize at the end how much I still need to learn.

I am going to be a better spinner for the classes I took with her. I learned how to set up my wheel, how to spin worsted and ply up to 5 plys. I spun a fabulous skein of Bison yarn, I spun novelty yarn and she taught me the basics of how to spin sock yarn.

It was wonderful to meet Ruth Sorensen, she is the designer of the Kauni cardigan. I got to visit with Stephanie Pearl McPhee and Lucy Neatby. Lucy gave a wonderful talk on Friday night about her inspiration for her patterns.

The market place was amazing and yes I did buy yarn beleive it or not. I bought some Blue Moon sock yarn. It is very nice yarn. I also bought some great fibre from Dizzy Ewe. This fibre is going to turn into a sock.
These kits will be available soon from Fun Knits
Stay tuned for my spinnning progress on my first pair of socks.

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Brenda said...

Glad you had such a good time Shelley, I was thinking about you!