Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Meika was a hit at the store

Meika's first day at the yarn store went great. It started with her meeting her new Great Grandparents
Proud Great Grand Parents.
It wasn't too long before my Mom had her in the store to get a real good look at her.
Meika passing the Grandma inspection with flying colours.

Then she had to meet some of her Quadra Island cousins
Meika's Cousins.
They sure are a cute bunch and were quite delighted to finaly get to hold the baby.
Brenda and Meika.
And the last picture of the day was Brenda holding Meika. She happily put her sock knitting aside for a few minutes to get her turn to hold the baby. Meika is wearing the little hat I made with Bernat Baby lash, the same hat Ming had on in last nights post. It is too big on Meika.
The general concensus of the day is that Meika will be a knitter. She has nice long fingers for holding needles and good knitting genes.
It was a fun day at the store as usual. Lots of visitors and shoppers. I also had a visit from my friend Karen's husband Murray to tell me the great news that her Grand baby was born last week. They have a Grand daughter too, so I really need to load up on pink yarn.


Brenda said...

I'm glad I was able to meet little Meika, such a little cutie!

Uli said...

I love seeing the cute pictures of the little girl. Great to see Brenda with her, too. See you soon!