Friday, April 21, 2006

Online - Fun Colors

I think this is a great name for a yarn for Fun Knits to sell. It just arrived today and the colours are even nicer in person than in the picture. The yarn is the same Online quality (great) I am not going to sell this yarn on eBay only at the Fun Knits Web Store. I am really excited about this. I am selling several of the yarns at the Web Store now. They are in Canadain $ and are the same price as I sell the yarn in the store, So for the local shoppers now you can shop in your PJ's and stop by to pick up your yarn. For the long distance shoppers you can still shop in your PJ's and just wait for  your parcel to arrive. If you are a local shopper and want to pick up the yarn I will refund your shipping of course. I am going to be offer more yarns at the Web Store soon but for now this is a good start. Let me know what you think of the Web Store. I will appreciate any feedback.
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I also got lots more new yarn in today. Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy and her latest book full of great patterns. I see at least 6 sweaters in the book I have to make. I have all the colours in the store.
I also got in some more Malibrigo I got 4 colours, # 26,51, 65 and 113. This yarn sells quick so if you want some come in.

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Uli said...

Those Online sock colours look great and I'm lucky that the colours of Malabrigo got in aren't ones I really want - because I've gone out and spent my birthday money that I was planning to spend on the Malabrigo. :-(( But then, I still have some at home to make Jonathan a sweater with - I still owe you a great big hug for that yarn when I see you in person next.