Friday, April 21, 2006

Second Knitting Guild meeting

Well we had a good turn out and lots of fun. Here is our happy bunch of Quadra knitters. We had show and tell a little lesson on lace knitting and a few pattern hand outs. I got in some sale yarn so they all got first dibs on the yarn boxes. If you want to see the sale yarns come in on Saturday. We will have Naturally 10 and 14 ply at a great price ( $6.50 a ball). I have colour 551 in the 14 ply and 151, 154 and 158 in the 10 ply. It is beautiful pur wool yarn. There are many other sale yarns, Kid Silk, Mohair Plus, Sublime, Cotton Freedom, Gypsy and lots more.
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They are concentrating so hard on knitting they didn't even notice this picture getting taken. Our next meeting will be May 18th so mark your calendars.
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