Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fun Knits is moving

Well it is official now, Fun Knits is moving to the Cove. Yes Quadra Island has a Mall. Not the kind of mall you have in large cities but a small funky plaza commonly called Q-Cove Plaza . Q short for Quathiaski. This is a small picture but I will try and describe where the store will be. It will be in front of where the beige car with wood panel sides is parked in this picture. If you look farther down the parking lot and see a red car. That is parked in front of the Post Office. That will be very handy for mailing all of your yarn to you. Between the Post Office and the store is the Lovin Oven an great little restaurant and then a gift store called Explore owned by one of our newest knitters Kelly. She is happy we will be so close to help her out.
The new store is going to be bigger about 500 sq ft. and has a really big back room. I am not sure what Mom and I are more excited about the new store or the back room. We really need storage space. We should be opening in the new store Dec. 1st. if all goes well.
I will miss this little store as it is so quaint but I think we can make the new store as cozy and quaint. At least I know I have enough yarn to fill the new store. I will miss the view here and how close it is to my house. This store is a 10 second walk from my house and the new store will be a 1 minute drive or 5 min walk. Still not a bad commute so I can't complain.
I will get some pictures of the progress as it occurs.
On the knitting front I have been helping Megan make Toe Kozies and getting ready for her Craft Fairs in Vancouver. She has been up here all week so we have had a lot of fun playing with Meika.


Uli said...

Wow......... that's kind of neat. I hope it all works out for you and I'm sure you'll make it welcoming and cozy. Looking forward to visiting the new digs one day.......maybe next summer. We've been talking about another Island trip.

Shan said...

And the question on everyone's lips is, will you be having a moving sale? Christmas approaches: we've all got to stock up. By the way, the S&B in Campbell River is trying to get a field trip in... maybe I can finally pick up that Gedifra Sportivo.

Will your hours change once you are in the new location?

Rhonda said...

How exciting for you! But you made me laugh when you said it would now be a 5 (FIVE) minute walk. I can't even imagine. Takes me 45 minutes to an hour by train & shuttle & a 10 minute walk to boot. At the end of the day I have to do it all over again.

But your new store will be so exciting to set up. Good luck with the move.