Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy New Knitter

I love the look on a new knitters face when they finish the first real project. Dawn took the beginner knitter course in Oct and she picked a baby hat for a friend as her project. She did a great job. She made her hat with Sweatermaker hand spun, hand dyed yarn.

Meika tried on the hat to make sure it would fit a baby. If you notice in this picture she is trying to knit the cat. She is getting the connection between animal fur and fibre at a young age.( The needle wasn't close to the cat we were watching her closely.) She lost her needle about a nano second after the picture.

It has been a wonderful fall here. The leaves are all turned colour and falling. We raked and made a big pile for Meika to play in. She really likes the leaves. I have been busy thinking about the big move to the new store. I got a key for the new store space yesterday so I will get in and take pictures. It will be nice to have a before and after record.

The store we are taking is about 2200 sq ft but we are taking 1/2 of it. So they need to build a wall down the centre to divide the space into 2 stores.At the moment the store has a wall down the middle and they need to cut an opening in that for access into the other 1/2 of the store and the store room. It used to be a gift shop called Island Treasures. I remember when I first opened the yarn store here on Quadra, if I went to the Cove for anything, I always saw that store and thought what an ideal location for my yarn store, but I never dreamed I would get that location. I will take lots of pictures and share all the fun of getting the store ready and then moving into the new store.

My plan for the store is the yarn store will be in the front 1/2 of the store and a gift store will be in the back part of the store. This will be a place where we can sell our knit products and Megan's Toe Kozies. It will also be a space where my special needs son can make and sell his crafts, soap, candles and dog biscuits. We are going to set up an area in the back room for him and his intervenor to work and make things. He is becoming an adult this year and is done school in June 2007 so this will be his day job. Hope it all works out as nice as I am imagining.


Peg said...

Good luck, Shelley. Oh what fun, playing in the crisp dry leaves! It has been a wonderful fall indeed!

Rhonda said...

I hope my new knitters at Christmas complete a project (any project) and have a smile as nice as her's when they're done. LOL, including my daughter. That'll make 8 new knitters. I see you have a little one starting early there also, LOL.

Good luck with the move!

Deb said...

Good luck- and every best wish for your move!