Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hello from Hollyhock

Just wanted to say a quick HI from Hollyhock. The knitting retreat is wonderful. I have learned lots and have made a bunch of new knitter friends. I will be home later today and can post pictures and blog in detail about the retreat.
In other news I have a pattern published in Magknits this month. Squiggle Shawl made with Sweatermaker yarn and modeled by my pretty daughter Megan. We have a limited number of kits available to buy at Fun Knits Store and at the Web Store. This is a very easy fun to knit shawl. It is one of those items that makes knitters and non knitters wonder - How did you do that??? The shawl has been in the store for a few months and that is the most common question asked about it. Only you will know how easy it was to knit.
Back to the retreat or should I call it knitters paradise.

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