Saturday, July 14, 2007

Boot Camp for Socks

Our Mission - To seek out remaining scarf knitters and get them to defect. Once indoctrinated into sock knitting they become hostages to the growing trend. They won't be able to resist
Tofutsie Sock yarn. I have it in stock again in all these colours.

Come to the store and check out the great selection of Tofutsie. We have several knit samples and we got a cool banner for the window plus I got a (terrible) cool T shirt to wear. It is bright pink camoflague with Boot camp for scoks written on it. Actually it is a fun T shirt just not something I would normally wear.

Here are some great pattern for knitting with Tofutsie - A pattern for Tofuttens yes you better go look to see what Tofuttens are.

I especially like this one Knit and crochet socks

And this pattern is great for socks for summer

So if you can't get into the store and you can't resist the Tofutsie then call me at 250-285-2751 between 10 am and 5 pm Pacific time and I will help you buy some.

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