Friday, July 13, 2007

Webcam shopping today

Hello all,
I am doing the webcam shopping today. We have some new yarn, Opal Cotton Hunterwasser, and Opal cotton Uni. Both wonderful sock yarns, in great colors. To veiw these just click the link below and join me on webcam. If you are a first time webcam customer you will recieve 10% off your purchase and free shipping over $50.
Also we do have some of the Kauni yarn left, its going fast.
Hope to see some of you today. If you start typing and dont get a response right away I may be away from the computer for a few mins, but bear with me I will be checking every few mins.
thanks ~Megan
Meeting: July132007


Joan K said...

Or maybe up to 1000 yards or so. I'm not sure of which shawl or the size of the hanks. Thanks! Joan

Joan K said...

OOPS. I lost the first half of my comment. I said I would like to purchase some of the Kauni yarn. I saw a wonderful shawl made of it and I would like to try that before the sweater. I'm not sure how large the hanls are. I would probably want one. Thanks so much! Joan

barbarossa said...

Well. I'd like to have a look, but I'm not sure if my webcam will allow me to. Please advise, is it possible?