Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's Here!!!

The big order of Kauni has arrived.
Here is the yarn box before we opened it and after. They sure know how to pack a lot of yarn in a box. It literally exploded open.
I am really glad it came. For everyone who ordered the yarn it will be in tomorrow's mail. I am happy!!
I also wanted to show you that I can finish a pair of socks. just need to sew in the ends. These are my husbands new socks - sorry about the blur.
They fit him good (darn I actually wanted them) . I guess I have to knit a matching pair.
Back to work packing yarn.


Anonymous said...

Shan said...

Shelley, we'll see you tomorrow, THURSDAY (sheesh). We're taking the 11.30 ferry so look for us around noon!

Really reeeeeeally excited to get a look at the Kauni...if there's any left.