Sunday, January 15, 2006

Fun Knits 1st Birthday Party

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We had a great 1st Birthday celebration for the Fun Knits Yarn Shop. We decorated the store with balloons and had a great cake. Mother nature smiled on us too and we had the first nice day we have had in at least a month. It was actually sunny out.

I am holding the cake and hoping it doesn't slde off the tray onto the floor in this picture.
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I think all of the Quadra Knitters came into the store. It was the busiest day we have ever had and the most fun. We even had a few visitors from Campbell River. Here is a picture of a few Quada knitters This was taken just before we got into the cake. Notice Marnie is wearing her Mango moon sweater.

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Here is a picture of Ming holding a birthday balloon. She has been the store mascot for a year now and she is always getting a new knit outfit to model. Since Meika was born she has competition, Meika is getting the better outfits but soon Ming will get Meika hand me downs as she outgrows them. She looks happy with her balloon. Notice she is wearing a pair of Opal Ladybug socks.
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This is what the cake looked like after all the hungry knitters were done with it. It was a really good cake by all reports. I don't eat sugar so I didn't taste it but it sure smelled good all day.

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It was a very fun day and we had lots of sales. Mom came over to help me at the store and I am sure glad she did.  Thanks to everyone  who came to the store and all the well wishers from a far, you made our first Birthday bash a great success.


Uli said...

that sounds like an awesome day!!!! Fun Knits deserved a birthday bash.

Brenda said...

Sounds like fun, sorry I missed it. I need to get over in the not too distant future to get some of the new Opal.

Audrey said...

Wish I could have been there Shelley, it sure sounds like you all had lots of fun - the cake looks pretty yummy too! My parcel arrived today, and I am casting on the Dreamcatcher 1237 as I sit at the computer. I can hardly wait to see how it knits up, its always such fun to discover!!