Monday, January 23, 2006

Quadra's Shy Guy Knitter

We have a very shy knitter on Quadra. He loves to knit and does a great job. He came in just before Christmas and bought yarn to make this sweater. Actually he was going to make a small sweater but changed his mind and went for a bigger one. This is knit with Opal 6ply and Patons Astra for the solid, no pattern he just started knitting. Yesterday he bought yarn to make his first Aran knit sweater. He has never knit cables before but loves them. I showed him the basics of cables and I'll bet he back in a week or 2 with sweater 2 done.
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He is very shy that he is a male knitter. We wil help him get over that. He is teaching his wife to knit and she is making scarves. They make a great knitting team.


Cutie said...

oh that's so sweet!

Good on you for encouraging him :)

ecarrier said...

That looks amazing! I'm a male knitter myself and I have no shame in it. Its really something fun to do and the best part is that you get that sense of accomplishment when you finish!

Im still a bit of a beginner and for him to be able to knit such a great sweater without a pattern is beyond me!

Tell him to keep up the great work and just be proud of his accomplishment!!