Monday, June 25, 2007

Congratulations Mary

Congratulations Mary Tanti...... She didn't win 1st (she should have) but she won 3rd which is still a really big deal. She will have her pattern published by Cherry Tree Hill ( you can see the winners there) and her jacket is going to London to be shown at Alexander Palace. Not bad for a first published design. Way to go Mary. She has lots of patterns coming. The next one is reversible sock. Watch for that one.

We will have the kits available to buy for the Mitred jacket in the near future.

Kauni yarn Update. I had an email from Kauni this morning and the shipment was sent out last week so should arrive this week.

If you are interested in pre ordering email me

Here are the colours we will have available. The yarn kits are $60 for small -medium and large and $65.00 for extra large which you will have to resize yourself. Can't wait for it to come in

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