Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kauni arriving soon

We are getting in some Kauni yarn. I have ordered 2 batches. A small one that will arrive first of EQ ( rainbow)and then a larger batch with More EQ and more colours EF(Greys, blues, purples), EJ (beige, rose, brown), EG(purple - browns), EK( greens, golds, grey), EP( rust, browns). Since this is such a neat cardigan and I have never done steeks we decided to have a Kauni Knit along. I know I will need help with this process. Brenda is going to host the Knit along and it should be a lot of fun. Thanks Brenda.
There is a wonderful blog about knitting the Kauni Cardigan at Purlwise and Melinda gave me permission to link to her blog. I know I will refer to it often. She has detailed everything about knitting the cardigan including how to knit the first row in corrugated rib so you don't get the line of wrong colour.
I am very anxious for the Kauni yarn to come. Now we wait. I will have enough for about 7 cardigans in the first order and enough for 35 in the 2nd order. I will see how this does and place order 3 soon if it looks like we will need it. The price will be 0 .125 a gram for the yarn making a sweater about $60 - $65. Canadian or US. This could go up if I am charged horrendous duty but probably not. I have never ordered from Denmark before so who knows.
Keep watching the blogs for more details.


Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Hi Shelley! I have googled and cannot seem to find a source to show me the available colours. I am sure, once the yarn comes, that you will put a picture on your blog.
Maybe I will knit the teddy sweater with steeking before I attempt this one! I had promised myself to try Fair Isle this winter, so here is my chance!

Rikke said...

Hi, take a look here for colours: