Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's who read this blog. Especially Happy Mother's Day to my Mom. She helps me out so much and I just say Thanks. Well thanks is not enough. My Mom taught me everything I know about knitting, she fixes most of my mistakes and finishes things that I just can't get done. She works for free in the store and much much more. I love you Mom and Thanks for all you do for me.!!!

Yesterday my friend Karen came in the store. Karen and I have a lot in common right now. Her daughter is also expecting a baby June 20th, my daughters due date is June 17th. Karen is an avid knitter and has an impressive wardrobe for her grandbaby too. She brought in one of the sweaters she made to show me yesterday. Isn't it cute. It is a cable and check pattern made with Sirdar Snuggly. She also had the back done of a baby sweater in confetti Sirdar and we are anxious to see the finished sweater.
Karen's Baby Sweater
She is also waiting to know the sex of the baby before she really gets knitting. I will have to restock the store in blues or pinks once we know.
It is fun to have that in common and to be able to share our excitment and knitting for our first Grandbabies.
I actually haven't knit anything for the baby this week. I am slipping. Mom is working on a beautiful blanket for the baby and I am going to help her finish that over the next few weeks. It is made with Regia Silk in cream colour and is it ever amazing. It is from an old pattern called the heirloom shawl. She made this same blanket for my oldest brother who is now 50+.
The store was busy yesterday. Lots of new customers and it was a fun day. Too cold and windy to sit outside and knit. I had all the knit items on display outside. I sold a few things but not too much.
Our Mini Market
Mom and I thought we didn't have enough to go to the market but when I got it all spread out yesterday I realized we have plenty for a booth at the market. I think we will start selling at the market on the May 24th weekend. I had better get busy making socks. They are my best sellers.

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