Monday, May 16, 2005

My Son took his first steps today

This is an off knitting post but I feel like shouting this from the roof tops. My son who is special needs took his first steps alone today. He is 17 years old so this is a very long time in coming. We have been working with him for years and years and I always beleived he could learn to walk. For the last year every Monday the local Physio Clinic allows us to come in and use the parallel bars. At first we were thrilled when he would stand alone hanging on to the bars occasionally he would take a step with one foot or move his hands on the bars but today he got it. Today he walked up and down the bars one foot after the other just like he had done it all his life, he turned and got himself into the chair then got back up again with a little coaxing and did it again. We just stood there and watched and cried for joy. Its hard to describe the feeling when you have waited so long for something. My son was very proud of himself too. That will be hard to top.
A great day!!!
I don't know if he will ever walk completely unaided, but this is sure a great start.


Brenda said...

Wow, Shelley, that is so awesome! It shows what lots of love and persistance will do.

Uli said...

That's absolutely wonderful!!! What a great success.

Take care.

Samantha said...

Fantastic! Congratulations to you and your son! What a great accomplishment ... You must be so happy. :)

Siri said...

Hooray! I think that this is THE BEST POST that I've read anywhere in the blogging world. Thank you for sharing with us. You must be so proud!

Bliss said...

Oh my goodness! Shelley that is so fantastic. What a blessing.

(BTW - on Ebay - you know me as knittingchristmaswife)