Thursday, May 05, 2005

So this is what it's all about

Last night at the store I was sitting talking with one of the knitters about my summer plans for the store. We were discussing teenagers and that some seem to have interest in knitting. I said we should have a summer program where they can meet once a week and learn knitting, new stitches etc. Just in the middle of this in walked the cutest 12 year old girl with a box she got for Christmas. It contained knitting needles , wool and a learn to knit book.
She is left handed and the book went into great detail about how to knit left handed and nobody could help her. I sat her down and told her (hopefully I don't offend and left handers) that knitting requires 2 hands and she doesn't need to knit left handed so I showed how to knit. By the time she left the store she had knit 4 rows all on her own. She wasn't awkward knitting at all. She is going to be a knitter, She even found her only mistake and asked how to fix it. She had 2 balls of Boa in her little box of knitting too and wants to make a scarf so I told her to work on the knitting for a few days and come in on Sat. and we could give the Boa a try.
I haven't taught a young person to knit in so long. It felt so good.
I asked her what she thought of having a teen knitters group over the summer and she loved the idea and would come.
My son is the last young person I taught to knit and he is 31. He is also left handed and learned fine from me. He was 16 and had no money and wanted Christmas presents for his friends. He got the idea of using left over wool from my huge stash and knitting stocking hats for all his friends. Well he knit about 20 hats. They were quite a hit.
I love teaching people to knit. It is so cool to watch it click, when they realize what they are doing. Young people learn so quickly. Hopefully there are more teens on our island that want to learn to knit. I think they would be a fun group. I could turn them into great yarn consumers !!!!

On the knitting front.I finished the socks with Noro Kujaku and started a pair for my husband using Hemp/ Wool. He is going to test drive a pair made with this and see if they wear well or wear out quickly. They knit up very quickly so I should be done in a day or 2. I will post pictures when I get some taken.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, the Teen Knitting summer sessions!Good for you!

Uli said...

Shelley, that's really awesome. I've never taught anyone to knit successfully. I tried to teach a friend and she learned but she also gave up too fast. The teen idea sounds great. When I grew up in Germany there was a bunch of us who would gather and knit. And I'll definitely be in CR Friday July 15 and Saturday July 16. Guess where I'll be going to be on the Saturday???