Saturday, May 07, 2005

Today at the store we are going to have a table outside with knit items for sale. Hopefully some will sell for Mother's Day gifts. The Quadra Island Farmers Market starts today and I am usually in that. I don't usually start going until the May 24th weekend and then go every Saturday until Sept. It is cloudy then sunny this morning and I can't really decide if it is going to be a nice day or rainy. I have to set up a tent if it is going to be rainy and not if its sunny so I will write this blog and hopefully the weather will decide what to do.
I have been so busy I don't have much made for it. I usually have 20-30 pair of socks in all sizes for sale. This year I have 2 pair of women's and about 8 pair of baby. No mens's or childrens. I NEED to get knitting. Last night I knit 3 pair of short socks out of cotton. I used Opal cotton 1171 and Regia cotton 4086. I like them both equally. Maybe the Opal a little better. It feels denser knit up.
Here is a picture of the socks I made last night. The ends aren't in yet. The Opal pairs I didn't match up as I was trying to see if I could get 2 pair out of a ball of yarn. Came close but needed about 10 gr. from a new ball to finish the last sock.
Short Cotton socks
The socks are all the same size its just looks like they are different the way they are layed out.
Well it looks like the sun is going to shine here today so I better get busy and start setting up our mini market.
I will post pictures later of our set up.


Brenda said...

I was wondering when the Quadra market started. Now more reason to come over on a Saturday.
Have a great day at the store!

Pope Benedict XVI said...

I need some new socks.