Friday, May 12, 2006

It came

Well Trish was right, the new Petticoat Cotton is way nicer than the picture. I took a picture of the colours in order next to the poster. They seem richer than the picture. They are nice and soft too. For all of you who bought last wekk your yarn will ship out on Monday. All of the colours are still available at the Web Store.
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I also got in a real treat, something I have been waiting for - the Uni in white. It is really nice and quite white. I only got a few in but I hope to get more so if you want one you better shop quick. I put all the Uni colours on the Web Store tonight.
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As for my knitting I want to make a sun hat for Meika out of the new Petticoat cotton. I am just deciding what colour. My contest knitting is nearly done. It is turning out nice. I will show a picture of it when it is done.

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