Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Design contests

Now that the contest are over here are the pictures of my knitting that I haven't been able to show. I found out tonight I didn't get in the finals for the Cherry Tree Hill contest. Here is the shawl I knit for that contest. The contest was to design a garment using this colour Sugar Maple. I called this the Sugar Maple Sunshine shawl. At the top was round section of ribbon, that was the sun and the sunrays are streaming down the shawl. I will be anxious to see the winning garment on Friday. Stay tuned. I will post the winner.
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 Here is Meika looking sweet as ever wearing the Pinwheel sweater. When this sweater is worn one way it fits a baby. It has a very large shawl collar. The sleeves are rolled up for the baby size.
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As the baby grows the sleeves can roll down and the sweater turned over to fit a larger child. the little girl wearing it in this picture is nearly 4.
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And this is Megan wearing her sweater. It can also be worn upside down as a more casual sweater with a large collar. I knit the baby sweater first. It started out to become an afghan and at a certain point in the afghan it became a sweater. Then Megan wanted one too so I got her to pick the colours for the sweater and then I knit it. This sweater is actually really easy to knit. The edge is quite simple but takes a long time to do. It is just a really elaborate bind off. I am glad the contests are over and I am really glad I won the elann contest. now I can buy more yarn, just what I need.
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Speaking of yarn I have 2 sale yarns for the month of June. I will blog about them tomorrow.


tammy said...

Oh! How wonderful! I was drooling over that sweater over at Elann just this morning. I didn't even look at the designer name, I was too busy planning what colours I would knit mine in! Well done, gorgeous sweater, I can't wait to make mine! You're so talented.

foggyknit said...

I too was in love with this sweater at Elann in the maroon/cream colorway and had to look you up. Kudos! I can't wait to try out the pattern. is my knit blog

rho said...

Can you post a picture of the front of the adult one -- It looks like I will add it to my patterns but I would love to see that.