Friday, May 19, 2006

Small but fun knitting get together

Last night was our knitting guild meeting and ther was only 4 of us. It was quite fun and I have a few pictures to show. These are very talented knitter. Helen just finished a Party scarf. It looks great.
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Marnie poor girl didn't have any yarn so she is knitting a bag with bags. It is great. She literally cut up a piece of plastic bag when she needed more material. It looks really neat and i will definately post a picture of this bag whe it is done.
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Carol is working on some nice warm fuzzy socks for winter. These are great, a cuff of fuzzy yarn then sock yarn with a stripe of fuzzy yarn now and then. These are so cute. I will show these finished to so stay tuned.
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We had fun, knit and chatted about  - you guessed it yarn.

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