Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fun Guild meeting

We had a great knitting get together tonight. I didn't get a very good picture. I bought out my knit Fun Knits sign to show everyone. Melysa was working on a dragonfly dishcloth . Helen is working on a hat so she can teach her students to knit a hat. She is ambitious teaching children who have just learned to knit, to knit on 4 needles, that should be fun. Carol hiding behind her sock is knitting a second sock, she is so disciplined. They are nice sock made with Meilenweit Mega Boots sock yarn. It is identical to the Gedifra Sportivo on sale this month at the Web Store. Marnie is knitting a lovely pair of socks for a gift and Deb is knitting a pullover with White Buffalo yarn, that shoud be warm. I was working on my Gedifra socks. It was a fun evening and we talked about knitting, what else is there to talk about. we are not meeting again until September. Everyone is quite busy or away all summer.
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Here is a closer look at the sign, not a very good picture. I will get a better picture of it in the daylight.
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