Friday, June 02, 2006

Meika Pictures

Well I just can't resist posting some pictures of Meika. Next Saturday I get to spend the entire day with her. We are going to Vancouver for the day for her 1st birthday party. Her birthday is really June 14th but we are celebrating it on Saturday. Close enough. I can't wait to kiss those cute cheeks.
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The next day June 11th we are going to be at the Victoria Knit Out. I am going to be bringing the sock yarn to sell. That should be really fun. I look forward to meeting a lot of people in person I only know on the internet. I hope we get good weather for both fun events.
I mentioned I would post who won the Cherry Tree Hill contest. Here are the winners but no pictures. That was disappointing. I will post pictures once they are available. Congratulations
1st Place: Autumn Grace Shawl by Janice Kang who lives in California

2nd Place: Carnival Glass Shawl by Renee Leverington who lives in Iowa

3rd Place: Oceania Cape and Felted Hat by Laura Laurence who lives in California

Honorable Mention: Flamewalker Socks by Peggy Kasses who lives in Florida

I am most anxious to see the socks. I still have some sock yarn left from the shawl so I will probably knit those socks with it.

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